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Get to know your events audience!

Discover your events audience data through survey metrics.

The collection and measurement of audience data via event survey intercepts, with post event reporting of audience demographics, patron expenditure/experience, tourism attendance, along with an in-depth economic impact study of your event.

Use your acquired audience data for future grant (municipal, provincial, federal) applications, sponsorship proposals, and post event reports.

What you can learn about your audience, through audience data collection:

  • Age groups
  • Demographics
  • Duration of stay
  • Economic impact
  • Geographics
  • How attendees heard of the event
  • Per-head expenditures
  • Tourist travel info
  • What they liked / disliked
  • and more!

Data vs Metric
While data is merely just a number/input, a metric is a quantitative measurement of data, in relation to what you are measuring. 


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